A Variety of Birthday Cards

 I was able to fill a special order of birthday cards for my dad last week. There were 24 of them - each one different. Special. One of a kind.

I made the first few cards in the "traditional" birthday theme. They were all covered with cake and candles and balloon animals. They looked great, but I was quickly running out of birthday-themed embellishments.

As I was preparing to rush to the store and stock up on more cake and candles and balloon animals, I realized that I could make a whole series of cards that weren't so blatantly birthday. They could be beautiful, natural cards like this one - my absolute favorite - and still be a birthday card. 

It's often very smart, and very creatively stimulating, to stop before you shop and see what's already in your supply stash. You can create stunning cards with what you have on hand and make them in whatever theme you'd like. And save the cake and candles and balloon animals for the party.


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