Of Marriage and Motorcycles

Danny and I went for a bike ride Saturday night - from our house, up the highway and all through town. We saw some parts of the city that I hadn't seen since I was in school. Just a lovely time of riding and talking - something we sorely needed.

As we were riding, and thinking about our ever-growing marriage, I realized how intertwined the two really are.

1. The rider has to trust completely. On the back of a motorcycle, the rider has no control over when and how the bike moves. She has to turn herself over entirely to how the driver is going to handle the bike. This is trust and this is submission. I believe with all my heart that Danny is going to be extra careful and extra safe with me behind him, so I can relax and allow him to do what he neds to do. This is a marriage characteristic that we oftentimes overlook.

2. The rider has her part to play, too. I can't make sudden movements or do anything during the ride that could be dangerous. While Danny's looking out for the road, I can't be distracting or unsafe in any way. The same goes for our marriage - if he's working hard in his life to build a godly home, I have to play my part and work with him to build it up.

3. Driver and rider have to lean into the curve together. Motorcycles drive a little differently than cars do. Turning is more about leaning than it is about steering. Think right, push right, go right. So if I don't lean with Danny, it throws the bike off balance. If I lean more than he does, it's off balance. Driver and rider have to be in synch, just like a husband and wife do for the relationship to stay upright.

4. Driver and rider both have to be paying attention. It would be disasterous if I fell asleep on the back of the bike. If I was looking elsewhere and didn't lean into a curve, it could cause an accident. Not seeing a pothole coming and not bracing myself for it might distract Danny and cause a problem. We both have to watch the road and our surrounds to look out for upcoming danger. If husband and wife don't both have their eyes on path God has laid before them, they could end up going in two different directions. It's not always about gazing into each other's eyes, but looking outward together.


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