God Bless America

This week is filled with celebrations of independence and freedom. The Fourth of July is an amazingly patriotic week, but I always think about the phrase: God Bless America. It's not so much about flags and fireworks, but about praising God for the blessings on our nation.

So I made a couple of adorable Fourth of July cards with just that theme. This one is made from a few scraps I found in a bag - I bet you have some, too! The flag is raised on some 3D adhesive for added dimension. I have two different God Bless America stamps, but this one fit the space better.

And this sweet patriotic bear has been in my collection for absolutely years! Now he has a special place on this Fourth of July card.

You don't have to plaster religion across the front of everything to share God's Word. Instead, I used this powerful verse of Scripture on the inside. This is a great way to use something typical for the time of year and still share your faith.


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