What Good Is Happening In The World?

While visiting an online forum for small business owners the other day, a certain post touched my heart. A woman was having a particularly bad day - something women and business owners alike know something about. She had come to the forum to find help and support.

Her question was this - when things are going so terribly wrong in my own life, what good things are happening in the world?

The responses were immediate and incredibly uplifting.

* Good things? The sun is shining and I'm alive to see it!
* I woke up this morning, there's food in the kitchen, my family is healthy and I have a roof over my head. What more do I need?
* There's a place like this (forum) to come and find the help I need. You came here, and I hope you find some support, too.
* I have been blessed with my own business, loyal customers, great employees and the potential to have great success in what I do.
* It's all about attitude. There will always be someone who has it worse than you and someone who has it better than you. But you're the only you.
* This moment, the one you're in right now, can be the best moment you've ever had.

These were comments from people who never made mention of God, never professed their Christianity and never gave testimony of what Christ had done in their lives. I have no idea if any of them are saved, but these people had such a positive energy that my outlook on my own day was immediately changed.

How much more so, then, should the children of God have an uplifting, positive outlook on the day? We have more to look forward to today than the rest of the world. We have more to look forward to through all eternity, when you look at it honestly.

We are blessed beyond measure, no matter what our feelings and weather forecast may say for today. This is the day that the Lord hath made. We can make the decision to rejoice and be glad in it, come what may.

So what good is happening in your world today? How has God made today the best day ever, just for you?


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