Straw Wrapper Fold Birthday Card

So, I was sitting in a restaurant this weekend playing with my straw wrapper. I did one of those folds that accordions back and forth, and then it expands out to show all its pretty folds.

That's when inspiration struck!

This birthday card works on the exact same concept as that straw wrapper. It accordions alternately to make several spaces inside for signatures, pictures or Bible verses.

Start with a 12x12 sheet of card stock. (Mine is textured and slightly blue.) Cut one square - mine is 4x4 inches - and two strips 12 inches long and a half an inch thinner than the square. (That means 12x3.5 inches for me.)

Adhere a LONG piece of thread or other fiber to the top side of the square.

Center the bottom edge of one strip in the square over the thread, tacking it into place, with the textured side of the strip facing the table.

Overlap the second strip so that the edges match up with the other strip, with the textured side down.

Now, just like I did with the straw wrapper, fold the top strip to the bottom.

The fold the left strip to the right.

The fold the bottom to the top, the left to the right, back and forth until you reach the top.

You'll end up with the pretty accordion shape and the texture on the top.

You can now tie the thread into a pretty bow and it's ready.

Well, sort of. Now that you have the basic card done, it's time to go back and embellish it. I used a matching set of papers and birthday stickers for mine. Just cut each square of decorator paper specifically for that square. Because you're folding up, they probably won't all be the same size.

I think this would be a great card for an office or church group to use for a birthday or other occasion. Each person can have their own square on the card to write their message, and you can use the front and back of each strip for writing and decorating. Too much fun!


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