They Grow Up So Fast...

Ah, it seems like yesterday that they were eggs. I remember the joy and surprise of four tiny little eggs in the nest.

And now they're so big, the four of them almost don't fit in the nest anymore. Mama bird has to sit on them with her head all bumped up against the overhang because they're so fluffy now.

Their fluff is slowly being replaced with the prettiest brown and gold feathers. I'll be interested to find out what kind of birds my little babies really are. (I can't get close enough to Mama to find out what she is.)

The girls discovered them this week, too. The nest is way up at the top of the garage, on top of the security light, far out of puppy reach. But Bailey can smell them, so she'll stand up on her back legs and try to see them. So cute!

Soon these little babies will be trying out their wings and then venturing out on their own.

Ah, little ones grow up so fast these days.


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