They're Here!

I feel like an aunt showing off baby pictures!

I've been waiting for absolutely forever to get these pictures. Just Monday they were still four little white eggs in the nest. But God was working inside them, making four new little creations.

And here they are! Four perfect little baby birds, just hours old. They're not even chirping yet, they're so new. I had been checking the nest every few hours just to see if they were out yet. And then all of a sudden ... babies!

Mama is still very protective and won't leave the nest for very long at a time. You can tell by the picture that they're ready to eat and grow, so I'm sure she'll have a busy time of it for the next few weeks.

The world God has created is so full of little joys. Here are four of them just beginning their time on earth. How miraculous our Lord is.

* A special note: This may be common sense to most, but please ... don't, under any circumstances, touch a baby bird or its nest. If Mama smells human on them, she is likely to abandon them. They're here to enjoy, so we don't want little orphans. Observe, take some pictures and smile as your little family grows up to take on the world.


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