Empty Nest Syndrome

 So, just to recap...

Mama bird made her nest on top of our security light, which I think is a lovely thought! She laid four little white eggs in it.

Within days we had tiny little baby birds. They never made a peep the entire time, but they sure looked hungry!

It was absolutely amazing to watch them change and grow. I had never really seen the process before, so I was out checking on them every day.

Yes, there are still four babies in the nest. I think the one on the bottom will probably have some stunted growth for the rest of his life. He was sat upon for the first few weeks.

Soon the babies were so big that Mama couldn't sit on the nest with them anymore. They were spilling out over the edge, and by the end of this exact same day...

They had gone on their way. The whole process from birth to flying away took less than a month. It was such a joy to watch them. 

It's a little like being an aunt, watching someone else's babies grow up and leave home for the first time. But, believe it or not, Mama is already back in the nest this week. I don't know if she'll have more babies this season or not, but she's found a permanent home at our house.

Well, on our garage security light, anyway.


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