When You Feel Like You're About To Topple

This is exactly what I've felt like for the past couple of weeks. Instead of dropping my baggage at the footstool of the Throne of Grace, I've held on to it. Instead of casting all my cares, I've tied them on a little tighter.

And this is the result of holding and tightening and keeping. You get top-heavy and eventually topple over.

The inside of this tree was all empty and weak because there was too much at the top, pulling it over. Have you ever felt that way? Are you feeling that way right now?

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

We were never meant to carry the weight of the world around with us. We were never meant to be so overloaded that we reach our breaking point. That is what our relationship with the Lord changes.

He calls us to come to Him, to meet Him at the place where it's safe to drop everything we're carrying. We labor and become laden down with life, but in the presence of God we're able to find perfect rest and peace.

Are you about to topple? Have you labored so much that you're top heavy and about to keel over?

Find time to be in the presence of the Lord today and savor the rest you'll find there. Do it now before you snap. He's waiting for you.


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