If My Girls Were Dalmations...

 ...then this is what they'd look like! Or maybe reverse Dalmatians. I'm not sure.

It had been cold and snowy for many days in a row, and then we enjoyed a few days of what felt like summer because of the sunshine.

And then we had this freak day of snow. Danny had driven north about two hours for work and they had nothing. Apparently it was centered over our town and dumped all it had. But it had been so warm that it was gone by suppertime.

Weather in Iowa is weird! As I write this post, it's almost 70 degrees. But I've seen the forecast and we're to have more of the white stuff in the next day or two.

So the girls will go out and play in it, look like Dalmatians for a little while and then track it all inside. It's a good thing they're trained to give me each foot to be toweled off.


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