Memory Verse Scripture Cards

My chiropractor offers Scripture while he's adjusting your spine. While things are popping and cracking and creaking, he'll ask if you'd rather hear Ephesians or 1 John. I always leave feeling not only physically better, but spiritually renewed as well.

He has most of the New Testament memorized and presents it with meaning and understanding. I walked away from my appointments this week with renewed desire to work on my own Scripture verses again.

I've been trying to memorize several sections of "women verses" from my favorite sections of the Bible. The only way I can accomplish that, thanks to my terrible, horrible short-term memory,  is to have it continually before my eyes. That's why I made these memory verse cards for my desk at work. I want desperately to memorize the Proverbs 31 woman, so each of my cards has one verse on it. Then each day I add a new one to the ones I already know.

To make my memory verse cards, I used an old pack of playing cards and covered each side with pretty decorator paper. Then I formatted and printed out the verses on my computer. (I wish that was my handwriting, but no.) A couple of embellishments and I have a beautiful way to have God's Word with me all day at work. I just slide it into a jumbo paper clip and attach it to the organizer on my desk.

How do you work on memory verses?


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