A Day Of Letting Go

It's finally spring in Iowa and our entire household has been cooped up for too long. We were all tense, anxious and ready to let go of some built-up tension.

So I opened the back door and released the hounds.

Bailey headed down the path between the ponds and was in the water before I could even get off the porch. Her sister wasn't far behind her. Then they ran, and they ran, and they ran. And when Sadie couldn't run anymore, Bailey ran and ran and ran some more.

Soon she was all tuckered out and soaked through. I think she explored about half of our 33 acres and would have kept going if she could.

She was too tired to run anymore, so she decided to help Danny fish the big pond. Although her idea of helping was to swim in exactly the spot he wanted to cast into. I don't think he ever caught anything in that area. Silly puppy.

Sadie and I were happy sitting on the bank watching them. After just a couple of hours we were all unwound and ready to go take baths. It was the perfect way to let go and enjoy the new property. And scare a few fish.


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