Spring Means Repotting Plants

OK, truth be told, you can re-pot plants all four seasons of the year. But it's spring and I'm re-potting a plant, so it makes sense, right?

The real reason that this is a big deal is because of my thumb. You probably can't see it from where you're sitting, but my thumb is very, very brown - not a hint of a green thumb anywhere on my body.

When I was in college, I killed a cactus.

So for any plant of mine to get to the point of needing to be replanted into a larger container, it's really a cause for celebration.

I bought this plant as one of four from the grocery store florist. They were adorable, little plants wrapped in brown paper. This is the only one that survived, so I'm being very, very careful with it.

I had an idea of what I wanted for a new planter but couldn't find it. I had seen some lovely planters made from the inserts of old slow cookers, and I thought that would be a great planter for my dining room window. Well, would you believe that none of the thrift shops in town had old, broken slow cookers for sale? The ones they did have were all one piece, and I really didn't want a whole slow cooker in the window. A little weird...

After a week of shopping from store to store, I finally resigned myself to waiting. Surely the little plant would live a few more days until I could find the perfect planter. And then I found it ... in my own collection! This metal dish has held everything from chocolates to Christmas ornaments to starter logs for the fireplace. And now it's the perfect size for my plant!

A few rocks in the bottom, half a bag of potting soil from the dollar store and plenty of water. Now the roots are all cleaned off and they have plenty of room to grow. I trimmed the tops off last fall, so the new white buds are coming back in a multitude - so pretty to see.

I'll have to remember to show it to you again in a few weeks. It's like baby pictures, only in green! And pray for my thumb, OK? Thanks.


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