A Simple Envelope Organizer

Not an organizer for your envelopes, although that would be equally useful. This is an organizer made of envelopes. Completely functional, completely easy to make and completely gorgeous!

You'll need:
an odd number of envelopes
various supplies to decorate with

1. Start with five matching envelopes. Any color or size will work, but the larger the better. They'll hold more stuff. Adhere the flap of the second envelope to the bottom of the first, with the opening facing the table.

2. Continue this for all five envelopes. If you'd like more, add more, but make it an odd number. Then use a bone folder or other straight edge to crease the folds in opposite directions. Alternate so that you make an accordion.

3. Make two slits in the very last envelope, one by the adhesive connection and one in the bottom fold of the envelope. Slide a piece of ribbon through and use it to tie the organizer closed.

Now you can fill it with all those little bits you need to have with you - coupons, receipts, store MVP cards, love letters...whatever will fit in an envelope. Just label each pocket and help yourself get things in order!


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