Paint Chip Bookmarks

Sometimes you just want to try something different and expand your creativity. That's what happened to me and the paint chip samples.

I'm teaching a Sunday School lesson this weekend, question whether we truly believe every word in every line of the Bible. We say we do, but how often do we question, compromise, fudge a little or read over what we don't like?

To get my point across, I'll be handing out these bookmarks made from the paint chips you find at the home improvement store. They obviously come color-coordinated, so I didn't even have to think or match colors. That's when you know you've got a great craft project!

To get around the writing and advertising on the chips, I simply cut off the edges with the paper trimmer. It left one corner rounded, which was a pretty neat look.

The lesson is called "Do You Believe?" so that's what I stamped on the paint chip. With clear stamps and a larger block, you can position all of your words and stamp once for each page.

Then I matted each one on a coordinating piece of card stock to cover up the writing back there. That's where I plan to write out my Scriptures and some notes for the class.

These paint chips gave me a simple way to make my lesson clearer and have fun with a new creative idea.


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