Cook Once, Eat For A Week

On my grocery shopping trip last week I picked up an 8 1/2 pound pork shoulder. It was on sale for $20, and it was the perfect size for just the two of us. The best part is that I can cook it up on Monday and have meals for last a whole week!

Here's my plan. Being the undertaker's wife, though, this is always subject to the Lord's will.

Monday: shredded pork and three-bean salad

Tuesday: shredded pork pizza

Wednesday: dinner date - Danny works up until almost church time.

Thursday: shredded pork sandwiches on Texas toast

Friday: shredded pork nachos

Saturday: shredded pork tortilla wraps

Sunday: leftovers from the week!

Plus there's enough to send with Danny for lunch during the week. And some for me to nosh on during the day. One pork shoulder goes a long, long way.


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