DIY Fruit Arrangement Containers

For a recent catering job, the family chose two edible fruit arrangements as part of their menu. I adore making these pieces and I'm always playing around with fruit combinations, arrangements and styles.

For these two, I used heavy glass bowls that I found at the dollar store. They were heavy enough to keep the arrangement from falling over and wide enough to hold many skewers of fruit.

I also picked up several round floral foams at the dollar store. They came two per package, so I used two circles for each bowl.

To start, I traced the bottom of the bowl onto the foam. This first circle will go to about the middle of the bowl.

The sides flare out, so the cut has to be on an angle. With a super-sharp knife (and fingers out of the way!) I cut through the foam circle at a pretty steep angle. Then I went back and trimmed it down to fit snugly.

The pieces that were cut off get tucked into the bottom of the bowl and the first circle goes on top of them. The more you have in the container, the sturdier the skewers will be at the top.

Repeat the process with the top circle, but in opposite. Trace the top of the bowl and cut at an angle. Trim to fit snugly.

I made two of these for my arrangements, and they only a few minutes each. The cutting was all done over a plastic bag so clean up was a breeze.

For such an easy project, the finished product looked amazing! I wrapped each one in tissue paper and tied it up with a ribbon. The family loved it and couldn't wait to dig in.

And I let them, knowing their arrangement was in a sturdy container, perfect for picking!


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