Play Your Cards Right

While cleaning out the hall closet, I came across a deck of playing cards that we weren't using. My heart broke at the thought of throwing them out and it didn't make much sense to put them in the garage sale box.

So instead, I took them to the craft room and got creative. There are dozens of ways to use playing cards in your crafting, and here are just a few.

* Cover a handful with decorator paper. Punch a hole in the top and tie them together to make a mini scrapbook album.

* Use two cards that have been covered with decorator paper as the front and back covers of an accordion album.

* Cover one and center your favorite Scripture in the middle. Slide it into a large paper clip and stand it somewhere you can see it all the time.

* If the backs of the playing cards are pretty, use a punch or scissors to cut out some great shapes.

* Turn them into your business cards! Put your information on one side and some great Scripture on the other side. Share your faith and your business.


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