If Dogs Wrote Diary Entries...

...my girls' journals would probably look like this.

8:00 Walk around the neighborhood. Fantastic!
9:00 Breakfast. Wonderful!
10:00 Nap time. Lovely!
11:00 Played in the back yard. Great!
12:00 Treats from Mom's own kitchen. Terrific!
1:00 Chased a ball around the house. Fabulous!
2:00 Another nap. Super!
3:00 Got groomed and cuddled. Amazing!
4:00 Sat on the front porch watching traffic go by. Cool!
5:00 Chased the squirrels away. Very good!
6:00 Welcomed Daddy home. Best part of the day!
7:00 Dinner. Sensational!
8:00 Curled up with the family for the evening. Perfect!
9:00 One last trip around the yard. Superb!
10:00 Bedtime. Unbeatable!

And would you like to guess that every page would look exactly the same?


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