Dessert Table Variety

My favorite part of any church fellowship is the dessert table. I'd rather bake than make main courses any day - so I normally do!

For this week's special joint-service fellowship, I made two completely new recipes. For me anyway. I've been looking through our ever-growing collection of cookbooks and here's what I chose.

I made lemon cupcakes filled with a vanilla frosting and marshmallow fluff mixture. I was told they were "to die for" but I hope not. Stick around and have seconds! They're topped with that fantastic Pillsbury frosting in a spray can. Can't live without that stuff!

The topper is a lemon candy and I made hearts out of melted chocolate. Note to self: separate the hearts before you travel in a 100+ degree car. This way they won't be melted when you get there. I tried putting them back in the freezer, but there were only a few still in shape. The others got broken up and sprinkled on top. Good, but not the presentation I was looking for.

My personal favorite was the Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cake. With a box mix, a can of cherry pie filling and a little almond extract, you can make a cake that's just like a chocolate-covered cherry. The smell alone will raise your blood sugar, it's so good! But it put a smile on my face.


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