With Sincere Apology...

We had the most fabulous day at Ladies Jubilee on Saturday! God had control of the entire service and we truly felt His presence in all that happened. I left the sanctuary filled to overflowing with peace and desire to allow the Lord to do whatever He wants with my life.

In the Fellowship Building after the service, the men served lunch to over 350 ladies. I had my Stuff From Trees table set up with baskets full of cards, space for Danny's woodworking and lots of notebooks, journals and a special spot for my book.

I was shocked at the number of women that approached our table because of this website. Your kind words will keep me motivated and uplifted for ages. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and devotion. God has used you to continue on for His glory.

But I must apologize deeply and publicly for one thing that I said that afternoon. It was completely unintentional, but it was also completely against the Word of God. In my heart and mind that is unacceptable, so I will set things straight now.

While speaking with someone about my book, I was explaining the importance of balance in the life of a Christian woman. This can be one of the hardest things we strive for because it is forever changing and constantly moving under our feet. But without the balance God has planned for us, we will never be victorious in our service for the Lord.

What I said in that moment of misspeaking was that there would be days in a woman's life when her husband wouldn't receive everything, that the job wouldn't receive everything, that the home wouldn't receive everything. I knew what I was trying to say, but for some reason this evil lie came out instead.

Genesis 2:18 says: And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. This verse doesn't say that we were created to be mothers first, employees first or homemakers first. Eve was created specifically as a helper for her husband. The other responsibilities may fall into that calling, but the husband and his needs come first. This isn't the popular concept for the world, but it's God's desire for His women.

So there should never be a time when your husband doesn't receive everything. If God has been given all of you, He will give you all you need to be everything your husband needs. That is how He has designed our relationship with Him and with each other. If we're not being the help our husband needs, then something is wrong with our priorities, not with the relationship.

And at that point, someone else came up and after listening in asked a follow-up question. Instead of finishing the first conversation and perhaps correcting what I had said, I watched as the first woman walked away empty-handed and full of confusing information. God knows my heart, and I deeply apologize to her for allowing that to happen.

I never want to be a hindrance in another Christian woman's life. We are placed on this earth to sing the glory of God, who is not the author of confusion. If my words don't uplift, speak of God's truth and lead women to the foot of the cross, I don't want to use words at all. I have sought the Lord's forgiveness for this and now I humbly ask for yours.

This may seem like a tiny thing to you, but it has been devastating to my heart. We each have our own personal heart pricks, and this is mine. I pray that God will take and use this to His honor. To God be the glory!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord, ladies!


  1. Laura,

    I completely understand your feelings! Being an author and a speaker myself, I sometimes feel my ministry is that of going around and ruining things! ;) But God is gracious, and ready to forgive. Many times, God uses situations like that to mold us and guide us as we seek to please and serve Him.

    Please do not let a misspeak ruin your day in the Lord. He is gracious to forgive, and as His children, we are too (although I don't really understand the problem!).

    God wants to use you, and you have been an encouragement to so many people! The valley you are going through now will yield rich, deep fruit to His glory.

    Satan wants you to wallow in the pit of self-incrimination. I know it happens to me quite often, but we must not let him have the victory, even for a bit!

    How rich, full, and wonderful is God's gracious forgiveness!

    Have a great day!

    In His Love,


  2. Lisa, you are always so wonderful about lifting my spirits! The number of times I've had to apologize for things lately, I know that God is doing some serious weeding in my heart!

    Thank you for helping brighten my day - you and the Lord make a great team!



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