Making The Streets Safe For Dogs Everywhere

There are numerous benefits to a daily dog walk - improved cardiovascular health, bonding time with your pets, time to visit with neighbors and increased energy for the rest of the day.

But there are also some hazards out there that need to be addressed. Whether you have a dog or not, whether you walk your dog regularly or not, take a look at the street in front of your house. There may be some dangers there you didn't even realize.

I am very careful on our walks about where I let the girls walk. This may seem silly, but here's what we saw on the side of the road yesterday morning alone:
* broken glass
* the remnants of a busted tail light
* the jagged handle of a piece of silverware
* several empty food wrappers
* a 9 volt battery
* smashed plastic and aluminum beverage containers
* curled up wire
* huge ant hills

Before we question the kind of neighborhood we live in, check out yours. Are there potentially harmful things in the road and around the yard of your own property? And are there dogs walking around there frequently? No responsible pet owner wants to let their dogs walk through stuff that could cause cuts, twist ankles and knees or have them eat unknown substances. There is only so much the dog walker can do.

While we can't clean up every street in the neighborhood, we can take care of our. Simply sweeping along the curb and spraying some pest control will do the trick. This way dogs can walk where they like and their owners aren't concerned about removing glass from puppy paws when they get home.

Take 10 minutes this week and make your walk that much safer and that much more fun for all those involved. And you'll beautify your property at the same time! Who wouldn't enjoy a safer, prettier walk?


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