Two Supplies - One Sweet Craft

Sometimes you don't have the funds to buy all sorts of new craft supplies. Sometimes you just want to use up what you have on hand. Either way, your creativity and some leftovers can make for the sweetest projects.

Like this one for example. I still have tons of Scrabble letters left over from other projects. There are also two round, self-adhesive magnets that have been staring at me for months. So put the two together and you have a fabulous craft.

Because there are just two magnets, I used a pair of pliers with a cutting blade to turn them into eight tinier magnets. This made them the perfect size, too, for fitting on the back of the Scrabble tile.

So now I have a simple, lovely, God-focused word on my refrigerator door. It took just a few minutes and used up some "ingredients" that I already had. Empty out your own stash and see what might go together for some home decor.


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