Gift Baskets On A Mission

One of my favorite church projects is these gift baskets! Our Ladies' Sunday School Class gives a basket to each missionary wife that comes to visit us. We want to pamper them and thank them for the support they give their husbands. That's very important to us.

The ladies in the class donate all kinds of travel-sized toiletries, books, note pads and little treats. Then they all get wrapped up in a basket! It's such a joy to be able to surprise a traveling missionary's wife with something special, from our hearts. And our church helps support 110 missionaries in 52 countries, so we put together many of these baskets each month.

Each basket begins with tissue paper and netting. This makes a great, sturdy foundation to build on. Our baskets come from thrift shops, craft store sales and our ladies' homes, so we have a great variety to choose from. The tissue paper comes in bulk from the dollar store and the netting is always on sale at our local craft store. We love being able to create a lovely gift on a budget!

All of the tall pieces go in the back - the books, tooth brush and toothpaste, personal reading light, comb, pens and pencils, combs and Emory boards. It's hard to balance out the practical with the fun because we're so intent on pampering these servants of God.

Then come all of the little things - soap, lip balm, hand sanitizer, wipes, picture frames, lint rollers, hard candy and a note from our class saying Thank You! A few pieces of hard candy are sprinkled around, then it all gets wrapped in netting and tied with some pretty ribbon. We always have several on hand so we can give them out freely.

Some other great basket goodies have included: wind chimes, wind socks, seed packets, note books, homemade cards, stamps and envelopes, book marks, flashlights, jewelry, lotion, bath loofahs, mouth wash, bedtime socks...the list is limitless.

If you have some other ideas you'd like to share, please do! Or if you have something similar in your church, I'd love to hear about. Let's have a good, old-fashioned idea swap!


  1. Laura,

    Having been the recipient of some of those baskets over the years, I can tell you it really does make me feel loved and pampered. Many times missionary wives go through a lot of struggles as they travel, and these baskets can really brighten up someone's day!

    It's especially nice when the contents are thoughtfully chosen and current, rather than things that are castaways from someone's closet. It's easy to spot the difference, and of course, anything is appreciated, but nothing speaks of love more than something nice.

    Stamps are also a good idea - especially the Forever kind! Many of us want to maintain the long distance relationships, so stamps are important. Writing things like cute pens, notepapers, etc. are great, too.

    Even things we can't use are still appreciated, since they are so lovingly given. It's easier to pick through, take what you need, and pass along what you don't than it is to go on without anything.

    In His Service,


  2. Wow...what great ideas! And it's such a joy that you're still receiving blessings from our humble gift. Thank you for the support you are to your husband - that's what means the most to our ladies.

    Be safe in your travels so you can hurry carefully back to see us!

    Have a fabulous day in the Lord, Lisa!

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