Pampered Pets...And The People Who Love Them

I read an article the other day about the lengths people will go to pampering their pets. There are animal-only travel services, tricked-out toys, food that goes beyond 5-star restaurants and spa services that I wouldn't even treat myself to. I don't believe for a minute that animals know the difference between bottled water and tap water - despite what some of these owners believe!

It seems more than a little excessive, especially with the current economic conditions. But the pet owners treating their birds to an aviary day care and their dogs to fur dying, it's just one more way to share their love with their four-legged companions.

I don't know about you and your pets, but my girls have different definitions of pampering. And they have nothing to do with coordinating clothes, expensive food or accessorizing.

Bailey considers spending the entire day in her back yard as pampering. She'd rather chase squirrels and protect her yard from birds than anything else in the world. If I just open the doggie door, she's in paradise. She can come in for water and cuddles, and then head right back out to patrol her territory. That's some serious pampering in her mind.

Sadie is perfectly pampered when she has our undivided attention. She isn't truly happy unless she's touching you somehow - and you're touching her right back. Sadie is addicted to belly rubs and she'll rest her head on your knee until you make eye contact. Those sweet brown eyes let you know that she's desperate to have her ears scratched. Subtlety isn't her strong point.

So check with your pets and see what their definition of "pampering" really is. You might save all that money that you're spending on luxuries when all you really need to do is share some cuddle time!


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