DIY Message Center

Have you been to any garage sales yet? The next time you head out, look for things you can cover with chalkboard paint! That's how I made this cookie sheet message board.

Just about any solid surface can be covered with chalkboard paint. The spray can kind makes it even easier! Plan on painting several coats to make it smooth and even.

For example, the cookie sheet that I used for my message center had a pretty nasty burn mark on the back from a label. But after two coats of paint (probably could have done three), you couldn't even see it!

Follow the directions on the paint container for use. And wear me. You could write messages on my finger right now on the splotch I accidentally painted. You'll probably also want to work outside to keep fumes to a minimum. Just keep your item away from falling leaves, birds and any assorted bugs that might want to walk across your wet paint.

The finished product is the perfect chalkboard surface. My amazing husband even drilled a hole in the handle so I can hang it on the wall. The paint doesn't de-magnetize it, so you can hang magnets on it for some added pop.

Imagine all the possibilities of turning your cheap garage sale finds into chalkboard surfaces! What fun there is to be had!


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