Sunday Sketch

It's so close to spring that we can feel it in the air! Soon we'll see flowers popping up with color all over, so this card is just anticipating that warm, cheery moment!

I rescued the front of another greeting card I was sent, and this seemed like the perfect place for it. I chose the card stock color based on the purple in the center flower, mostly because it's a graphic design trick and partly because it's my favorite color. Yes, sometimes that's the best criteria.

The butterflies were also upcycled from another card, this time punched out with two different sizes of circles punches. Along the side, I lined up some tiny pink acrylic dots for a contrast and some added dimension. And the sentiment was already printed on the card front, so that just makes things easier!

Ready to make this sketch your own? Start with a white card stock card base, then choose a pattern scrap that will fill most - but not all - of the card front. Choose a color from that pattern for your solid color background, and attach it to the front of the card. Attach the pattern inside it, even matting it on another solid color if you'd like.

Then embellish the patterned part with some coordinating images or odds and ends that match your theme. Attach a sentiment towards the top.

The enbellishments along the side can be just about anything you have on hand - acrylic dots, eyelets, brads, buttons, metal, flowers. Get creative and have some fun putting together this mini work of art.

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