Ordering Scripture Review, Or How To Speak In Hieroglyphics

We are always looking for fun new ways to teach our youth group the truths of the Bible. Some days it feels like we're totally on the same page with them, and other days their faces look like we're speaking in hieroglyphics. (Yes, I know what that word means and yes, it definitely applies here.)

Our teens have now studied Genesis 1-5, which covers a lot of territory, so we've spent a couple of days reviewing. As an end-of-the-section review, I wrote out 29 questions from those chapters on index cards, leaving room for them to write the answers. On the back was the verse reference in case they needed a hint. 

When all the questions were answered, we laid numbers on the floor and put some prizes on every other number as an incentive. Then it was their mission to take all those answers and put them in chronological order. Each right answer meant moving down the timeline and collecting the prizes as they went.

Most of the prizes were just dollar store treats that I know they love, while the ones at the end were a little bigger., They couldn't believe they were getting rewarded for just knowin' stuff, so that made me even happier.

By the end of our time together, they had, 1. reviewed our past lessons. 2. figured out how all the stories tie into the bigger picture of the Bible. 3. had lots of fun working together and helping each other succeed. 4. cleared out our treasure chest. 5. and accomplished a task they were overwhelmed by in the beginning. Sounds like a mission accomplished, and I'm curious about how well I would do on a review like this ... that I hadn't written myself. How about you?


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