Spring Decor Inspiration - How Many Of These Do You Have?

It snowed again this week. I know I said I wouldn't use that kind of language here, but it's the truth. All the more reason to start thinking about spring and spring cleaning and making everything sparkling and new. If you gather all your spring decor together, what will you find? Green leaves and butterflies?

How about eggs, bunnies and beautiful pastel colors?

And words from the Gospel that remind us of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection?

Wood and the beginning of green plants?

And the flowers we've missed all winter? I'm sure we can all agree on that one.

Stone, grass and wood, bringing the outdoors inside? Always a winner!

If you've got the winter blahs today, look around for anything that reminds you of spring and out it right where you can see it. Let's turn these last days of winter into the hope of a fresh new spring.


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