Small Ways To Share Your Faith

It can be hard to share our faith. We read critical comments online, see eye rolls and hear derogatory comments about our God and our beliefs. It's enough to make us fearful of sharing our faith becauswe we don't want to be the subject of ridecule. But there are so many small ways that we can be who God has called us to be without buying a billboard and hammering away at hardened hearts. Consider some of these ideas.

* Share a personal story about how God has blessed your life recently.
* Print out your favorite Bible verse and put it on your desk at work.
* Download a great Scripture-themed wallpaper for your phone or other devices.

* Write a verse of Scripture inside your greeting cards. (Or only write the chapter and verse so they will look it up.)
* Do more than just say you'll pray for someone - pray with them right then and there!
* A well-placed sticker is a great way to trigger a quesiton or conversation.

* Keep your word, in the little things and in the big things. This is a rare commodity.
* Have tracts and invitations to your home church ready to hand out when the topic comes up.
* Don't downplay or apologize for your faith - be unashamed of the Lord and His role in your life.

Which of these are small ways you can share your faith this weekend?


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