Sachlab And Almond Cookies From Israel

There's nothing I like better than trying out a new recipe. Unless it's sampling the results of a new recipe. That's pretty important, too.

We received a Artza gift box from Israel a few weeks ago, and inside was a small jar of Sachlab powder mix. I had never heard of these spices, so having a recipe card tucked inside was a huge blessing! It's an interesting spice made from ground sachlab orchids. I had never heard of it, but I knew we needed to try it. 

The recipe included is for crinkle cookies topped with almonds, so they already had my attention. I'm also a fan of recipes with very few ingredients but lots of flavor. These cookies have both.
I made these cookies this weekend, knowing I could share them at our church lunch on Sunday. Our pastor and his wife just returned from a trip to the Holy Land, so I was curious about how authentic they would be.

They're not sweet like American desserts are. They have a soft exterior with a crispy middle for a great combination of textures.

What a blessing to hear that they received rave reviews! The sachlab spice powder is available online, and the recipe is pictured here. If you try it yourself, I'd love to hear what you think.


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