Waffles Made From Cake Mix And Other Miracles

At youth group this week, I pulled a waffle maker out of my bag. That received a pretty amazing reaction because waffles are pretty great. But then I pulled a cake mix out of my bag. That received a confused look.

Then, all of a sudden, it clicked. Waffles made from cake mix! It was like I had just explained gravity, the theory of relativity and the promises of God all in one moment.

Very simply put, any kind of batter will cook perfectly in a waffle maker. This blew some teenage minds, and it was fun to watch.

I’m a big believer in letting our youth do things for themselves, so they made the cake batter, ran the waffle maker and decorated them - they took over for each and every step. I truly believe that these experiences, no matter how small, though yummy and fun, will build their confidence and encourage them to try something new when they get home.

So for less than $10, they experimented in the kitchen, learned a new technique, peaked their curiosity and encouraged their creativity. Now they’ll try to do some other kitchen miracles on their own and report back their findings. How much fun is that?


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