The Cutest Chicken Wire Fence Centerpieces Ever

When I was asked to decorate for a recent work banquet, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for centerpieces. The event was fall-themed, and I pictured farm fences with wheat and pumpkins and wood.

And the reason I had this image in my head was because we already had the fences! We used them for both the Babe Ruth World Series coaches’ breakfast and the Champions Banquet. They had been put in storage for just such an occasion, ready to have a couple of alterations for this fall event. And here’s how we did it!

My sweet friend Emily designed these fences and passed her creativity on to me. I painted two dowels for each fence, cut to the height of the chicken wire. 

Each 12-inch-high fence is cut to 18 inches long. This gives plenty of wire to wrap around the dowels, curve a little and stay standing upright. The length can be adjusted if the wire is taller.

After wrapping the cut ends of the chicken wire around the dowels, two sizes of greenery is hot glued to the bottom of the dowels. We used two long, straight greens and two small, fluffy greens on either end.

A string of small, battery-operated lights gets wrapped around the bottom of each fence to add a little sparkle.

With a few decorations attached with the tiniest clothes pins you have ever seen, we had centerpieces worthy of our champions.

To turn them into the perfect fall decor, I tied five stalks of wheat to each dowel with twine. With that simple addition, and copies of the program and logo for the event, all I needed were pumpkins with the logo. Each table had a wood gift on it as well, and all of them (except the fences) went home with our guests. It was the perfect decoration for the banquet, and I can’t wait to see what we can use them for next!


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