My “Tiny Scattered Words” Planner Layout

Is it silly to look forward to a certain day of the week because you’re excited about that day’s planner pages? Then I am totally goofy. I can’t wait for Tuesday and Wednesday this week. These two pages are a great example of using tiny embellishments to make a big statement.

The Captivated Print and Pray set from Illustrated Faith’s Tiffany Johnson is one of my absolute favorites. It comes with a set of tiny words, like the magnets you put on the refrigerator, so I cut some of them out and scattered them over the two pages. Their colors, mixed with coordinating images, tie this layout together in the prettiest way.


I’m sorry, but if your planner layout this week doesn’t have a Polaroid camera on it, you’re missing out! I love how all of Tiffany’s images are so pretty and so much fun. Tuesday morning to Wednesday night are going to be my favorite 48 hours of the week! I challenge you to turn a handful of tiny embellishments into some extraordinary planner pages.


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