My “Look-Alike” Planner Page Layout

At the beginning of October, I changed up the way I’m putting my planner together. In the grand scheme of things this may not seem huge, but I just don’t have time to design my own pages anymore, cut them out and decorate a two-page spread every day.

Using just preprinted, single-day pages has been interesting, though, because they coax out some new creativity. They’re still a two-page layout, but they’re shaped the same way instead of being mirror images like before.

So for this week’s pages, I challenged myself to use up a whole bunch of supplies I already have, plus coordinate colors and designs on both pages, plus make them the same but different. Challenge accepted.

I started with one of my favorite washi tapes and covered some of the pages’ printed lines with it.

Then I added two banners to each page, the same colors but different patterns, and the numbers.

Again, using the same three shapes on the left hand side, I coordinated some beautiful patterns one both pages. Two cute labels covered up the to-do: since it really didn’t go with my master plan.

And finally, a few flowers and hearts to tie it all together. Big embellishments always look great layered with smaller ones, creating little clusters all over the page. What can you challenge yourself to do differently this week?


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