Create Fall Words And Phrases With Plush Pumpkins

Did you ever walk into a craft store knowing exactly what you wanted, full of confidence and excitement as you stride directly to the aisle you want? And then you see something else that will work even better, something you hadn’t even thought of? Victory!

In my brain, I pictured cute little plastic pumpkins, painted and decorated with letters spelling out our office name. But then I saw these tiny plush pumpkins and knew they were meant to be mine! I scooped them up and went to find letter stickers that would fit perfectly. I found those, too, and they were even glittered! Score!

I already had the leaves and hot glue at home, so the hardest part was spelling everything correctly. (Hint, it wasn’t that hard.) 

Look at my adorable pumpkins! It took me a few minutes to figure out what to do with that spare pumpkin at the top, but I realized a hashtag would be perfect for a job where we use social media every day. Genius!

I was heating the glue gun while I stuck all those stickers, so it was all ready for me to connect all the pumpkins. It took a good blob of hot glue to hold them because of their plushness. 

Keeping them all lined up so they stood on their own was a little bit of a challenge, since they don’t have a flat bottom. But a little bit of squishing, a little extra glue and a pretty good balancing act made them even cuter.

Once the bottom row was connected, the next pumpkins fit just right in between the stems. It was like they were designed for this! (Not sure if they were or not, but they should be.)

A few leaves and flowers tucked in and it was ready to go to its new home in our office. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and it’s even cuter than I imagined at the beginning. Yay, marketing!


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