My “Everything Pumpkin” Planner Layout

It wasn’t until this October that I discovered that I’m a pumpkin spice lover. I’ve always loved pumpkin pie, I was given some great pumpkin-flavored coffee for my birthday and then I had a pumpkin spice latte for the first time ever. And I liked it! So it seemed natural to do up a “pumpkin everything” planner layout for the last week in October.

The layout starts with a border of washi tape, which was also a first! Before this weekend it was just another fall embellishment … but now it’s true! I had a few bits-and-pieces from some sticker sets that combined really well to make a notes page to use for my weekly prayer list. The pumpkins in the corners are glittered and textured, making them even cooler.

On the Monday page, I created a top border with a torn washi tape title and the date, written in black, glittered, 3D number stickers. Then I used the matching blocks and pumpkins to connect the two pages with colors and patterns. I used the journal block on this page to start planning our social media at work for the holidays. Is this theme something you would use in your own planner?


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