Why I Include My Faith On All My Planner Pages

It is a rare day indeed when I know what the schedule for the day is going to look like. In our office, we can either have a productive day and check everything off our to-do list, or a day that looks nothing like what we’d planned. This is why I write the work side of my planner pages in pencil. It’s just easier that way.

But what never changes are the words of faith I include on every planner spread. Some days, like this day last week, the whole layout is about faith and rejoicing in the Lord. Other times, I just embellish the spiritual growth page with a few words or images. I have a set of faith planner stickers that I love because they have praying hands and Bibles and other beautiful little accents that catch my attention in the middle of a busy day.

It doesn’t matter what’s planned for the day, if my planner is full of cute stickers or if I’ve colored coordinated all my plans - if I’m not grounded in God’s word every single hour of week after week, I might as well not even do this. My faith in God and my desire to be obedient to His will are all that matter. And could be that one small reminder of Who I’m doing this for can be all the motivation I need.


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