Making Bulletin Board Letters With My Own Paper Collection

I can’t begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent at the dollar store buying packages of bulletin board letters, or how much time I’ve put in printing letters from my computer and cutting them by hand. I love doing it, but sometimes I want something a little quicker and specific all wrapped up into one. And this little cutter/punch/tool of joy is just that!

We R Memory Keepers has created the alphabet punch board, of which I have two sizes, that let you cut and punch letters using your own paper. In just a few steps I can cut a 3x5-inch letter with whatever paper I want. The bulletin board possibilities are endless, and the tiny one will make perfect little letters for Bible journaling and paper crafts.

Each board has a book that shows you step by step how to construct your letter. There’s a punch for inside parts.

And a cutter for straight lines. You can even trim down your paper here if you need to.

And there’s a corner rounder to finish them off.

You can even make wide letters all in one piece.

So when I’m done, I have all the letters I need with no random ones left over. I also don’t have to run back to the store for that one more E, and I don’t have to use up ink to make big letters I may only use once. It’s the perfect tool for making beautiful bulletin boards just the way I envision them! Now, I’m off to make words!


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