Three Tips For Your Best Spring Barbecue

For foodies, warm temperatures mean one thing: it’s grilling season! At our house, we have the grill out as much as we can, and we always have a freezer full of Butcher Box meats to play around with. These flat iron steaks were absolutely perfect with just some seasoning and a little time.

Did that get your stomach growling? Hopefully you’re ready to put together your own spring grilling meal plan. But where do you start? Use these three tips to spark some creativity:

1. Choose your meat carefully. Certain cuts are better than others for grilling, and some will take much longer than others. Skirt and flank steaks are perfect for trying some adventurous dry rubs. Larger pieces need to be smoked for a few hours, while cubes on a skewer can be done in a few minutes.

2. Do a little research. Once you have your meat, read up on that cut and some ways other trillers have prepared them. Do an Internet search, watch a fun video or flip through some old cookbooks for flashes of brilliance.

3. Experiment with seasonings. You don’t have to coat a hunk of meat in sauce and throw it on the grill, especially if that’s what you do every time you cook outdoors. Instead, mix some of your favorite seasonings for a one-of-a-kind, original spice rub. Start with something basic, then give it a kick or make it sweet. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll come up with all sorts of combinations for next time! And if you find that magical combination, let me know!


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