Combining Patterns And Colors To Make Planner Pages You Adore

It was a good day for reading books, dreamy and cold. My planner pages matched, combining some beautiful colors and patterns with the truth about book lovers - we have no shelf control!

The entire layout began with my favorite washi tape in the entire world. This tassel garland makes me happy, and that’s the best embellishment for a layout, covering it with things you love. Using it like a garland in real life, it’s draped across the top of pages and blocks to give it a realistic, drapped look.

Then I went back through and added books and quotes about books and more books. And then some books. My word of the day Friday was “read” and my Today I Need To: was “read more books.” It’s always fun to make the chores of the day something so enjoyable.

When you’re putting together your own planner pages this week, choose patterns and colors and themes that will make you exceptionally happy. Look through your papers and embellishments to find a combination you’ve never tried before, or use your favorite fallback themes but add a little twist. There’s nothing worse than spending the day with a planner page you don’t love!


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