Surrounded By That Beautiful Spring Green

There’s something about that one shade of green that screams “Spring has arrived!” You know the color I’m talking about - that beautiful shade of light green that looks like it would glow in the dark if you turned the lights out. It’s that green that comes out first and then spreads all over the ground to help it wake up.

Yesterday was the first time I’d been down to my prayer bench since before winter. It’s been such a wet, soggy mess all over the property that I honestly didn’t want to sink knee-deep into the mud. But early yesterday morning I put on my muck boots and made the hike. And I’m so glad I did.

I even took my favorite cappuccino in my favorite mug with me!

I stirred up every single front in the little pond as I went past, which was kind of fun. That special green goes all the way around, and there are tons of animal tracks in the mud along its banks. When you go to the far side, in the middle of this photo, and hang a right, that trail leads down to the big pond and my prayer bench. 

There are trails all through one side of the property and a few on the other side, so spring means cleaning them up and making them totally walkable. That bright green carpet up a trail just calls my name! As we get dried out and a little warmer, it will be the perfect time for coffee, Bible study and time at the prayer bench, surrounded by that beautiful green.


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