Turning A Random Stamped Page Into A Beautiful Card

Sometimes the old ways are great ways, we’ve just deviated from them a bit. So for this fun birthday card, I went back to my scrapbooking roots and random-stamped my own background paper. If you’ve never tried this technique before, or it’s been decades since you did, let’s review.

I wanted to use my large stamp from the latest Illustrated Faith kit, a very detailed flower arrangement, for this background. So I pulled out a couple of pastel-colored decorator papers, mostly because I despise coloring large, detailed images. I don’t have the patience for that in any shape or form.

Using one paper as my test sheet, I stamped the flowers in the corner using navy blue ink first. It was a pretty look, very subtle on the darker colors.

Then I switched to black ink, which was very dark - a little too dark for my taste.

Turning the paper again, I stamped one in bright pink, which was my favorite so far.

Then I couldn’t resist one in purple. But that’s just me.

I decided I liked the pink flowers the best, so I used the second and third sheets of paper with pink ink. I could still use the first one to cut up and use as journal blocks or accent pieces on other projects or in my devotional. I rotated the paper, stamping flowers at different angles and weaving them together to cover the entire page.

After cutting my 4.5x6.25 inch card and covering it with pick patterned paper, I cut the newly stamped paper to 4.25x6 inches. This gives me a perfect little mat of pink around the outside edge. A few die cuts layered in the middle and two metallic phrase stickers made this the perfect birthday card for someone special. What stamps do you have in your collection that would make a beautiful background paper?


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