For Those Days You Feel Like A Terrible Puppy Parent

Honestly, I feel like I’ve failed somehow. After more than a year, we had to pull Callie and Diesel’s crate back out. It seems like all their dog training has gone out the window, and I know I’ve let them get away with a lot.

But this is what sealed the deal. All four chair and sofa cushions now have some form of destruction done to them. I’m so embarrassed to show you this, but it’s also a little liberating. I’m so very far from perfect, but I’m learning something new every day. And in this case, that means we go back to crating the babies while we’re gone. Yes, I know they’re the culprits ... trust me.

What I hadn’t counted on was how much being crated means to them. Whenever I leave, I pull out four treats and give the first two to Molly and Parker. As soon as I turn to the other two, they hightail it around the corner, down the hall and into their crate. They don’t whine or bark or even give me puppy-dog eyes, even though they do all of those things very well. They just take their treat, turn around and lay down. That’s it. They’re content to just lay there for the few hours I’m gone.

I also wasn’t prepared for them to just hang out in there, even when we’re at home. If they’re not all four curled up together somewhere, Callie or Diesel or both are just chillin’ in the crate. I couldn’t have asked for a better response to the crate, and I suppose I’m the only one who thought they’d be heartbroken and upset with me for locking them away. I guess I’m not such a terrible puppy parent after all, it just takes me a little longer to figure things out. Treats for everyone!


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