Using My Planner To Keep My Spiritual Life Intentional This Week

On Sundays, when I put my planner together for the coming week, I always try to make Monday’s layout inspirational and motivational. If I can get started with God’s word and His truth, the week always has the right perspective.

I’ve been Bible journaling and making cards for friends with these beautiful embellishments from Illustrated Faith, so it was just natural to carry the theme over to my planner. These words - intentionality and taking every thought captive - have been on my heart for days now. I don’t want to just go through the motions of my faith life ... ever. And especially not when there is so much going on that being rooted and grounded in God’s word means everything.

By the end of the day, these pages will be full of notes, dates, lists and moments that I want to remember in the days and week to come. Every day I keep track of those nuggets from my Bible study time that touch my heart, and tomorrow’s page will remind me that no matter what happens, I am captured, seen and loved. What a special, tender way to start off my week with the Lord. 


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