No, Your Planner Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

It would be so wonderful to find a planner that fills all my needs, every day, no matter what’s happening this week. But there’s not. Even the planner pages I design and create myself aren’t perfect. There are some days that I don’t get them all filled out, sometimes I need another section, or a different section or way more space to write in.

And all of that is ok. The pages that work for me today may not work for you, and they may not even work for me tomorrow. That’s the reality of daily life and the not-so-important stuff we tend to focus on. On Tuesday this week, for example, I needed a few more lists and planning spaces than normal. That meant covering up some of those sections I would normally use. And that’s ok.

Just because I spent time and effort creating “the perfect page” for myself, it doesn’t mean that I have to use it exactly the same way every day. Most of the time this page fits my needs, but every day is different. I’m not going to beat myself up because I need a bigger Bible reading block, no distance walked block and twice as many water cups. My planner is a tool to help me be organized and productive, not a stone tablet that can never change. And that is a wonderful thing. What changes you do make to your planner every now and then?


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