Turning A Vintage Find Into Much-Needed Craft Storage

One of my goals for 2020 has been to exercise some self control and not buy absolutely everything I think I need. The best example of this is shopping out of my own craft room instead of buying new supplies. So when I saw a video of a woman organizing her washi tape in a clear box with little dividers and tabs, I said to myself, Self, you can find something even better in your own stash. 

This stacking basket was a vintage find at The Shop Iowa City, a fun store just an hour and a half from us. I fell in love with its uniqueness, but I never had a use for it ... until now! My washi tapes fit perfectly inside, standing on their edge so I can see the patterns and then layered on top.

All three baskets are fairly deep, so I was able to fit almost my entire collection of washi tapes in here. It’s as though they were made for it!

When I’m not using them, the lids go on and they get stacked back up on the open end of the handles.

Two little wicker rings lock the top basket in place. And now it’s easily accessible, organized by color and theme, portable, and I didn’t have to spend any extra money for it! I feel like I knocked this one out of the park. Pardon me while I go create something!


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