My “Make Goals And Keep Them” Planner Layout

You may not have realized it, but it’s just a few short weeks until the first day of Fall. In a year that has been crazy from the beginning, though, just add it to the list. So my first two planner layouts for the month are full of falling leaves, pumpkins and the cutest bear in a scarf I have ever seen. I just found these stickers, along with the coordinating papers and sticker book, at my favorite scrapbook store in Branson.

There’s something about the colors, textures and feel of Fall that just makes me happy. And I like this spread because I need plenty of space each month to make notes to myself and keep them all in one place. It may be 90 degrees outside right now, but it’s a crisp Autumn day in my planner!

I already know that this is going to be a challenging week, full of meetings, appointments and special to-do things that are a little different than normal. That’s why I chose this bright, bold sticker collection - so that it lights up my day every time I look at it. Plus, I’m pretty sure it glows in the dark. We’ll see...

Everything for this layout came from the same sticker book because the less thinking and coordinating I have to do, the better it is for everyone involved. I added a “praying for” and an “answered prayers” block this week, which I haven’t done for a while. I keep track of all my prayers in my prayer journal, but I also like the idea of having them right in front of me, all day, every day.

The entire spread started with the “Make goals and keep them” sticker at the top of this page. There are definitely some things I need to get done in the next seven days, so the combination of colors and motivation will hopefully keep me moving! On Saturday we’re having a clean-up day in the teen room and working on some crafts for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, so there will be some planning and organizing to get ready for that. It’s a good thing this layout has room for lots of notes ... I’m going to need them!


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