My “Grace Upon Grace” Planner Layout

There are some weeks that we need a little more grace than others. To remind myself that it’s about God’s grace and not about my being perfect, this Grace Upon Grace planner layout will be a daily reminder of how much I need grace - unmerited favor, giving what I don’t deserve.

For the background anchors of both pages, I layered pink and aqua washi tape and accented it with my favorite tassel garland washi. There’s something about that garland that makes me incredibly happy. I had several stickers that spoke of grace, so they serve as journal block toppers. The menu planning section is accented with the same heart stickers, and I coordinated the sticker letters with that pretty pink.

I’ve been writing a little bit more on the right hand page of my planner, so I’m trying to be more sparse in my decorations. Here, I still have the words and phrases I know I’ll need to hear this week, but they’re accented with some beautiful yet simple hearts. Our teen Bible study this week is either going to be about the power of our words or what what it really means to seek God. Either way, it’s going to be a great week!


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