My “Hustle And Heart” Planner Layout

Stuff happens during the week that we can’t always plan on. No matter how many lists we make or times and days we keep track of, things will happen that we didn’t factor into the equation. That’s when we need the perfect combination of hustle and heart: hustle to get done what we need to, and heart to leave some spaces open for the unexpected. That’s what this week’s Hustle and Heart layout is all about.

One of my favorite parts of my planner are the journal blocks on the left hand page. I love seeing exactly what needs to happen and check it off when it does. I like knowing what we’re eating for the week, what the priorities at work are and what needs to be done around the house in those in between times. That’s the hustle.

But there also has to be plenty of heart, grace and love mixed in. I understand that our youth group lesson is now a two-parter because we had so much fun last week with our game and didn’t get through much of the lesson. In my planner I made places to write down those last-minute changes and projects that need attention. And if I don’t get everything accomplished I had planned, it’s ok because I left myself open to whatever God brings into my life this week. I can’t wait to see what these two pages look like seven days from now - I want to see what happened to my heart.


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